Eusabius Grant

The leader of the cult of the Master


Full Name: Doctor Eusabius Grant AKA The Master
Age: Over 900
Gender: Male
Race: Human?
Appearance: Beautiful blonde man with pale, smooth skin. Often in white and blue robes. Has an accent..
Job: BBEG, Cult leader, Scholar, Mage, Crystal Dragon
Trivia: Spent six years mastering the art of knitting.


Doctor Eusabius Grant is the Master. He leads a cult of skull-mask wearing zealots, kidnapping people and destroying cities. He seems to be in the final steps of a multi-century plan. A master of mind-control and illusion magic, and no slouch in teleportation or summoning.

He claims to want to make a world of pure peace, with no war or death. Has known ties to Ioun, Orcus, Vecna, the Raven Queen, the Griseous Empire, and various deific avatars. His right-hand man on the eastern continent is Valen; Miran’s father and Claudius’s uncle.

Has stood in the parties way multiple times, both as an illusion and as a dream fragment. He has been attempting to corrupt and murder the primal spirits of the natural world, an agenda that has including Jade’s kidnapping and subsequent experimentation as well as the destruction of various primal groves. Rue’s mother Rosemary is one such victim.

When the group finally met him in person, he transformed into a giant Crystal Dragon during the fight. The party forced him into the Shadowfell and slew him.

Later, the group discovered Grant had, in fact, not died. He continued to pester the group with magic while they traveled the Shadowfell. When they finally were able to return to the natural world, he sent assassins after them and, in one instance, appeared in person as a dragon and wrecked their airship.


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Eusabius Grant

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