The master of the Redhill Spellblades branch.


Name: Fresenius
Age: 63~
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Job: Spellblade Master
Trivia: Has never been farther north than Wall, or farther south than Autumn Vale.


Fresenius is the Redhill master of the Spellblades. He was, for a while, Alyssa and Claudius’s direct superior. He is responsible for sending them on many missions, including the one to Hartman’s Fording that ultimately resulted in their capture by Grant.

Has since promoted both Alyysa and Claudius to the position of master, just as himself. He has been ordering Raikou to act as a scout and emissary for Redhill, a gambit that paid off when Elliae rode to Redhill’s aid.

During the Battle of the Gate, he and Andi monitored the battle from a tower on the wall of Redhill, reporting to Duke Blair.


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