A friend of the party.


Name: Jade
Age: 762? Or was it 672? 726? Well… old.
Gender: Female
Species: Dryad
Job: Wandering Bard
Trivia: Has a music book filled with pressed flowers from the Feywild.


The party met Jade in the Compound. The Master had Jade captured so her dryad powers could sustain his garden. For six years, she had been sealed inside the oak tree at the center of the garden. When the party freed Jade, she used her knowledge to lead the party to a portal room and open a portal to Red Hill, letting the party escape. There, she runs off into the forest.

Next, the party meets her at Seri Village. She is the lead bard during the Hunt Festival, entertaining the village with her songs. When the party speaks with her, she reveals she is on her way to her next stop, Hartman’s Fording. Kue in particular is interested in Jade’s need to go there. She maintains it is nearly the next stop on her usual itinerary and she hasn’t been there in nearly a decade. She decides to travel with the group for the time being.

On the road, Jade is quiet. Since she doesn’t really know the party, she doesn’t speak with them often. At Hartman’s Fording, she says that she thinks sneaking in is a bad idea but doesn’t stop anyone from doing so. Her only other contribution at the time was casting Bloom to put out the forest fire started by Alyssa.

She stays with the party on the way back to Red Hill.

Later, when the Party is helping Mace to track down the killers of his troop, they encounter Jade in a dryad grove, defending them from an attack. She is knocked unconscious during the battle. When she awakens, she gives a few gifts to the party as thanks; then, she leaves to find dryads willing to help her fix the grove.

The party meets her again upon their return to Redhill. As thanks to Miran for revealing Grant’s plan to recapture her through poison, she accompanies them to the battle with Eusabius and is thrown into the Shadowfell along with them. Upon meeting the Raven Queen, it is revealed they have a history and that Jade is the daughter to the Lord of Winter, a Feyliege in the Feywild.


Eusabius Grant


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