Valen Black

The right hand man to Eusabius black, father of Miran and uncle to Claudius


Full Name: Valen of House Black
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: Wears a Gold mask to cover his face, Bears a passing resemblance to Claudius
Job: Spy, Assassin, Mage
Trivia: Opened the exit gate for the Devils.


Valen led an interesting life. The twin brother of Vivian, he and her lived on Slag in a barbarian tribe. One day, William Black came and freed Vivian, Valen, and some of the other youths of the tribe. William brought them to Autumn Vale to begin their civilized lives. Valen took quickly to magic, much like his sister, and asked to travel to Elliae to study. William agreed to fund it and Valen was sent off.

Valen’s time at Eliae is unknown, but it apparently went well.

When he returned to Autumn Vale, Vivian had married William Black and was pregnant with their future son. It is unknown why, but during this time, his relationship with William deteriorated. Valen didn’t have much to do with Claudius after he was born. Their relationship was always cordial, but never close.

When Devils overran Autumn Vale, Valen was presumed dead with the rest of the Black family. His “body” was interred along with everyone elses.

It is a few years later that Valen meets Miran. He rescues her from a slaving ring and commences to train her and raise her. He speaks often of a duty to protect and create a better world with Miran. He trains her to be an expert assassin and thief and is the one who orders her to travel with and protect Kue Hashfie and Claudius Black.

With intermittent contact through Miran, he keeps tabs on the party. During the Battle of the Gate outside Redhill, he dies protecting Eusabius. His soul is snatch by Grant and, as of now, it is known he still walks the natural world.


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Valen Black

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