Leader: Duke Blair a.k.a. Lord Blair

Size: ~50,000, including the villages and towns under its hegemony.

Economy: Mining, specifically irons and rubies, and Trading Center

Redhill is one of the federated city-states. Its leader is a hereditary ruler that passes to the oldest child. The town started as a small mining community but it quickly grew as a nearly inexhaustible mine of predominantly iron was discovered. This drew people to it and its location combined with a bit of momentum, set the town up with a future as a travel stop and trading are with peoples from the north and the south.

Town Locations

The Lamps: A branch of the well know magical organization, headed by Ylaaendriel.

The Blades: The twin to the Lamps, this branch is headed by Guildmaster Fresenius.

Thief Guild Hall: A secretive guild, whose current head is unknown.

Redhill Mines: Owned by the Blair family and the source of much of the city's initial prosperity.

Morrow Estate: A noble house that was recently the site of both a fabulous wedding and surprising assassination attempt.


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